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  • 搜应用海外游戏销售 70

    网址:http://www.souapp.com/publisher/market/dev/comment_show/ QQ:101143933

  • Flypp 70

    Flypp™ is a white labeled application marketplace. It enables the enterprises to engage their consumers through applications across a universe of devices. Flypp™ provides application developers opportunity to reach digital consumers around the globe that are served by Flypp enterprise partners through a single window reducing their marketing and operation workload. With its intuitive application recommendation engine and content personalization Flypp™ provides better application discovery that lead to enhanced consumer experience and hence higher chances of applications to be downloaded.
    Flypp™ offers application developers an easy application on-boarding process, innovative application recommendation engine, marketing support, and a transparent revenue sharing model.


  • BlueVia 70



  • google play 70

    1.1 The Market is a publicly available site on which Android Developers can distribute Products for Devices. In order to distribute Products on the Market, you must acquire and maintain a valid Developer Account.1.2 If you want to charge a fee for your Products, you must also acquire and maintain a valid Payment Account from an authorized Payment Processor.


  • Soc.io Mall 70

    Soc.io Mall is a one-stop-shop for everything Android you may ever need, from apps and games to books, music, videos and more. Currently we provide thousands of apps, games and free e-books, and audio books, music and video are coming very soon.


  • imprint 70

    Despite careful controls we do not take over adhesion for contents of external homepages. Their operators are responsible for contents of the linked sides.


  • Opera mobile store 70

    Opera Software has acquired Handster Inc., a leading mobile application store platform company.In case of any questions, feel free to write us atsandrai@opera.com.